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The house is comfortable with Wallpaper There are several important elements of the house that should receive the most dominant unsightly impression . This element is a wall and the wall color . This makes homeowners often change the color of the walls in some time once . However , this routine gets boring because of the changes that occur less enjoyable. Routine of boredom will change the color of the walls of the house lead to the birth of new creations , the home wallpaper Wallpaper starting to become a trend because it is more eye-catching and more efficient in beautifying dream home . Wallpaper gives piluah hue and Bergama desan enarik the wall of the house . Brought new nuances able to make it home wallpaper enjoyed by many people . To get the dream house a comfortable and pleasing to the eye , here are some tips on choosing a model home wallpaper 

Cheap Wallpaper

1 . Determine Room The first thing you should think about when it will give the wallpaper is the space which will be fitted . You certainly are not going to put up wallpaper in every corner of the house . It will only make your home kesna crowded . Therefore , you should consider dungsi a room with wallpaper to be installed . Each room has different functions and characteristics . Dipsangan wallpaper will certainly have to adjust to the function space . There are parts where you thirsty decided to give the wallpaper with a simple pattern , crowded , or whatever .2 . Noting Spacious Rooms You certainly do not want to wallpaper and wall look different or contradictory . For that , you have to pay attention to both the area of ​​the room will be the wallpaper . With an area of ​​space , you can determine which one s type wallpaper ukura suit your space . Wallpaper adds kesna well as possible in the room , if the room is narrow, do not veri home style wallpaper with a pattern of Besa and crowded . The room should be spacious dark or warm colors to appear more comfortable .

3 . Choosing Wallpaper Motif Home Piluah motif wallpaper right can make the room look more attractive . Should the selection of motifs based on the theme of the room. However , note the detail right area of ​​the room in order to determine the exact motive .

4 . Choosing the Appropriate Color Color will determine the terms of the beauty of a room that was given wallpaper . The color should be adapted to the function of the room.

5 . Choosing Type Wallpaper Before choosing wallpaper home , you should first consult with the seller . Do not let one choose because it will likely bother you . You should avoid hard perwatannya wallpaper especially costly . Make sure you choose a lot of great wallpapers and according to the conditions and the concept of home . Those are some things to consider when you are buying a home wallpaper . Good luck !   15 . Agents wallpaper Agent Cool Wallpapers Glance Wallpaper Wallpaper first became known in Europe , especially among the nobility , long before today. as the progress of time , a lot of agencies that provide wallpaper to decorate the walls .  At first , the wallpaper is not so well known by the public . People still believe in the uniqueness of the color of the paint that they can change at will . Over time , people began to feel the ineffectiveness of the use of paint . They have to pay again to change the color of the paint and possibly physical exertion . Along with the times , agents wallpaper came introduces a new method of decorating the walls . Wallpaper was introduced as a way to decorate the walls of a more effective and efficient . With a choice of colors and patterns are varied , the community will not be easily bored with the look of the walls of his house . During this period, which makes the wallpaper became much in demand . Make agents wallpaper popularity mushroomed . If used to only use offline meda , now jarinagn internet became a media campaign and selling . However , what exactly the excess wallpaper when compared with regular wall paint ? excess Wallpaper Here are some of the advantages of the wallpaper wall .

1 . More Affordable Currently , the price of the walls had wallpaper can be reached by many . The price is more economical when compared awalkemunculan . Papering over murag trustworthy than buying and installing a troublesome wall paint . Moreover, the wallpaper can be more durable and do not make fast bored .

2 . More Sustainable Wallpaper is certainly much more durable than paint the walls . Paint peeling off the walls can be quickly and the color faded . Meanwhile , the wallpaper will not peel off the glue to stick given average . In fact , the wallpaper can last about eight to twelve years . It is certainly much different from wall paint which only lasted one to two years .

3 . Practical Installation requires wallpapr relatively short time compared to apabial paint the house . No need to count days as within hours the wallpaper can be installed properly.

4 . Walls Cleaner Pemasanga wallpaper will give a cleaner result than megecat wall that will give droplets stain . Wallpaper will not stain anything . Perhaps the only glue that if not careful can melt . However , the glue droplets can be easily removed using a damp cloth .

5 . Having a beautiful blend of colors Wallpapers offer the variety of colors in an image . This makes it seem more beautiful wallpapers and beautiful . Moreover, it is always the right color blend . This is much different from the paint may not be suitable when mixed with other colors . Advantages that makes the agents wallpaper be excited in the trade . Wallpaper shown to give perfect satisfaction to its customers . This wallpaper agents are increasingly mushrooming everywhere . You can easily find it on Internet sites related wallpapers.


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