Sale Wallpaper

Sale wallpaper best quality cheap wall Wallpaper remaining stock in 2014 , for the those who want to use this type of wallpaper sale then you can shop in store or our agents because here are many kinds of wallpapers that are sold with the promo price of stock in order to spend it quickly runs out for our clearance sale the sale price , for it is for those who like the wallpaper for immediate sale we suggest shopping at our agency because we sell wallpaper with sale price it was likely to be run out , because the demand for this type of sale this wallpaper very much , so you should immediately to contact us in order to get the kind of wallpaper with the sale price .

Sale Wallpaper

Wallpaper Sale at the end of 2014 most of this is for the rest of the stock that we sell for a quick sale so that our products run out and we will issue the latest wallpapers of products with the best kualutas , but if you do not want to use this type of wallpaper that we sell with the sale price of our agents also have many kinds of products with quality imported wallpapers latest , for melihan kind of our products below then we will provide the latest type of wallpapers , but if you want your product sale b olih wallpapers directly contact to our office , and our workers are ready to assist you .

Price Sale And The New Wallpaper

1.SUNSHINE     1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 900.000,-
2.J-SCREET     1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
3.ELLYSE       1.06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
4.PLACE        1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 900.000,-
5.SOHO         1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 800.000,-
6.ART DECO     1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 1.200.000,-
7.DREAM WORD   1.06 x 15 mtr         Rp 925.000,-
8.KID’s TEENs  1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 925.000,-
9.N-REAL       1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 1.250.000,-
10.CASABENE    1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
11.GREEN AIR   1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 890.000,-
12.BLUE BIKEL  0,95 x 10 mtr         Rp 455.000,-
13.BOSS        1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 848.000,-
14.LOHAS       1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 848.000,-
15.CHARMENT    1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 848.000,-
16.OLIVIA      1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
17.CALLA       1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
18.TERRACE     1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
19.DAON        1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-
20.SPACE IN    1,06 x 15 mtr         Rp 850.000,-

The prices above are not including the cost of material and cost of plug and harag subject to change at any time without prior pemeritahuan.


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